Tweaking the Builds!

9th Mar 2023

Even after 20 years trading were still striving to improve, we all think we’ve got it right, then after a while you add little tweaks!!Lewis has been with the company since his school days and over th … read more
19mm Loglap Pent

19mm Loglap Pent

8th Mar 2023

A 19mm Pent building, We absolutely love the 19mm Buildings, that's taking nothing away from the 12mm buildings of course, i just love the look of the barrel boards, and of course not forgetting … read more

Brocton Gates

28th Nov 2014

I'm sure you'll agree these gates certainly look the part!, a pair of Featheredge gates using the one bow to go right the way over, hinges, ring latch and a drop bolt add to the look of these gates an … read more

St Mary's Road

18th Nov 2014

These are the Jobs everyone hopes for, right on the roadside in full view of anyone passing! we've already been asked by the neighbour to quote for their fencing, so hopefully that'll be another job c … read more