Bearers, Eco Bases & Maintenance Boosters

For added longevity of your building we have various option to choose from

if youre adding a Rubber Roof you may as well protect the floor also, so here's a breakdown of what's on offer


Timber Bearers:

Tanalised 3x3 Posts placed underneath your floor raising it 3"


Concrete Bearers:

4x4 Concrete Posts laid out underneath your building, we like this option as unlike the timber bearers this is concrete protecting your building not wood, which when rotted away means you'll have to dismantle/replace your building


Upvc Bearers:

6mm thick Upvc strips we attach onto the bottom of your building's floor, raising it only 6mm yet giving it maximum protection from the elements, 


Eco Base:

This is a timber framed structure we bring to lay onto the area you want your building, we then peg it and get it perfectly level so we/you can then erect your building. this is an unfitted item when you choose to erect your own building


Maintenance Booster:

Boom!! Not only do we install the 6mm Upvc strips described above but we also give the building a coatings of UV Protection Oil, this completely locks the building from all kinds of weather!....... BIG SELLER!!

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1 of 1 Items